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About Me

I am a  qualified and experienced counsellor and really appreciate that a client needs a comfortable relationship in order to gain the most from therapy.

I offer a safe and confidential space to talk and recognize that people seek counselling for a number of reasons and listed below are some.

   * needing support at a difficult time

   * wanting to come to terms with difficult past experiences

   * working to understand and overcome relationship difficulties

   * needing help to manage depression, anxiety, stress, loss and experiences of abuse and trauma

   * wanting to achieve greater personal insight and personal development

   * want to address addictive behaviour

Relationships are at the core of life and can be a source of love, support and joy.

'Love and belonging are irreducible needs of all woman, men and children. In the absence of love and belonging there is always suffering.' Brene Brown, 2015

Maybe you are seeking a better relationship, or maybe seeking or wishing for a relationship. 

I can work with couples or individuals to look at patterns, view gender expectations and personal rules (such as should, need and must) not forgetting individual cultural expectations.

I would look at personal stories, we are all story weavers, seeking a meaning and a relationship to others.

'Life is not what you have lived, but what and how you remember it, so that you can tell it'  Gabriel Garcia Marquez  - Living to tell the tale - 2001

Relationship is a balance between togetherness and the individual.

Couples may have conflict about Decisions, Money and Sex.

In the event of your partner having an affair it is worth reflecting what you need or want to forgive?

Though therapy I can help you gain awareness of unconscious behaviour and roles that are at play within personal and professional relationships.

I offer time limited therapy as well as open ended therapy, which we can discuss during the initial appointment.

I work within strict ethical guidelines with particular regards for confidentiality and hold the best interest of my clients at the centre of my work.

Qualifications & Experience

Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Higher Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy

Specific training and extensive therapeutic work with alcohol and substance abuse

TA 101  for Transactional Analysis

Getting Intimate with couples with Ronen Stilman

What I can help with

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  • Adults

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  • Online
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  • Face To Face

What I charge

£40 per hour individual £50 for 90 minutes for couples

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