Mr Stefan Gieron

Member Status: Senior Accredited

Member No: NCS13-00119

Location: Thornbury

Qualified counsellor and supervisor, who has a passion for his work!

I live and work in the South Gloucestershire area, approximately 13 miles from Bristol. I offer 1-1 counselling on a short or long term basis. I work with couples and those affected by life changing events or circumstances. Also other peoples behaviour, such as addiction.

My aim is to aid in assisting people find their true selves, helping them obtain inner peace, while also recognising and nurturing their inner strengths and abilities. To help my clients begin looking at life with new ambition, a fresh perspective, and a stronger sense of purpose. I have a passion to work collaboratively with clients to enable change and acceptance that enhances their well-being.

“I’ve just finished 6 sessions with Stefan. We opted for phone counselling, I wasn’t too sure if this would work as well as face to face but actually it was perfect and I got as much, if not more, from these sessions.
Stefan made me feel at ease immediately so that I could open up quickly and freely, enabling me to get the most out of the time we had.
I was in a difficult place and finding it hard to get myself out of my ‘hole’ when I started my sessions, but by the end of our time I felt so much better and equipped with more tools, techniques and sound bites, as I like to call them, to help me stay above water and moving in the right direction.
I’m pretty self aware and feel I have a good toolkit already but there’s always more to learn and like anything in life, sometimes you need a refresher on things you don’t use regularly. These sessions did both for me and I’m so grateful. I feel calmer, happier and healthier”

"Stefan allowed me to speak openly and freely about my problems without judgement. I have reconnected with my own emotions beyond what I thought was possible and as a result have a fresh, positive outlook on all aspects of my life.
I will forever be grateful to Stefan and I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a mental reboot". Ben R

"Stefan was very calm, considerate and thoughtful in his approach and I felt comfortable with him from the start. He really helped me make sense of my thoughts and emotions and gave me some insightful suggestions enabling me to move forward. Thank you Stefan, I will miss our sessions, your attentive listening, care and wisdom." GV

“Found my sessions of great benefit. Stefan was very patient, kind and extremely professional. We had a great rapport from the beginning which I found to be helpful in opening up to Stefan. His voice was always calming and reassuring. Thank you Stefan in helping me through my journey”

“Stefan has helped me to come to terms with my problems and been a great listener. He has been understanding and caring and showed me that even when it’s difficult to change your life because of difficult circumstances you can still change the way you think. Thank you Stefan I will miss our sessions.”
Catherine C

“Learning how to be the best mummy possible to my daughter and create a nurturing co-parenting environment for her was the goal of my counselling sessions with Stefan. He was fantastic and within 5 weeks my whole life had turned around, I mean literally. When I look back now I realise I was trapped by my fears, hadn’t let go of the past and was finding it hard to move forward with love and forgiveness. Stefan’s deep and attentive non-judgemental listening skills gave me the space I needed to reconnect with my purpose, reach clarity in how to let go and deal with the deep-rooted issues that were causing me symptoms of worry and anxiety. I cannot thank Stefan enough and I honestly can’t believe the positive impact it has had on me, my co-parenting relationship and most importantly on my daughter’s life. He listened empathetically and with every part of his being, which is such an amazing skill. When he offered insight, he was so spot on, it helped the process along even quicker. For me, weekly sessions were a must to keep the momentum and focus. If I ever have another time in my life where I need counselling, I wouldn’t choose anyone else. Thank you Stefan”

Lucy W

“I’d never sought professional counsel for my anxiety before, but Stefan has been a warm, empathetic and deeply knowledgeable person to safely discuss my issues with. The insights gained from our sessions will continue to help me move forward positively and I think everyone in the world would find value in having a conversation with him.”
Laura P.

“Stefan gave me space to think and time to vocalise my worries. His positive and non-judgemental approach provided support and encouragement enabling me to address contradictions to my core values. As a result I reassessed problematic situations and found just enough courage to effect long needed change! Thank you for your listening skills, insight and words of wisdom Stefan”.
Dr Emma

“I found the counselling really useful in gaining some insight and perspective on my situation. Stefan listened to what I wanted to achieve from the sessions, guided me through, helped me to be in action and find clarity where before I was feeling overwhelmed and confused”

Thank you! Luke

“Stefan is an attentive, considerate and reassuring person to talk with. I always felt I could speak about anything without any form of judgement, knowing that any suggestion or comment he might have for me was just to help guide me and I could decide what I wanted.

Over the course of 6 weeks I had a regular call which really helped me get the right tempo and bring my turbulent thoughts together into a calmer place. It set me up and enabled me to move forwards, even knowing I had more to consider was no longer a problem as he had given me the direction needed.

I would recommend Stefan to anyone struggling with an internal problem or dealing with physical symptoms related to state of mind. I enjoyed our sessions looking back now, and they definitely added value to my life.”

“Straight away I felt completely at ease with Stefan, it was the first time I was able to speak honestly without any judgement being cast. Stefan was able to help pinpoint where my anxiety/sadness was coming from and able to provide productive steps I could take to build myself up again”
Clare E

“After years of battling with my anxiety and sense of identity I decided to get help. Stefan was wonderful. He created a safe space of no judgement for me to talk openly about my worries. And after just a short period of time my confidence has grown greatly”

“Stefan creates a warm and caring environment for counselling supervision; that enables me to share my concerns and feelings in a very supportive space”

“From my first conversation with Stefan I felt something release. I was stuck in a pattern of anxious circles, desperate not to get stressed and failing. I couldn’t have foreseen that I would achieve such progress in 6 sessions, but the thought that change was possible gave me hope. I now have the insight and confidence to ask for changes to make my life the best it can be. Stefan gave empathic emotional support and made practical suggestions that I could follow to grow between sessions. His ability to see what’s going on ‘underneath it all’ is a life line when you feel like you are sinking. HUGE THANKS to Stefan for your encouragement and positivity – oh and for changing my life!”
Jane F

“From day one Stefan made me feel at complete ease and succeeded in making me open up more than I have ever done in my life.
His calming approach, caring manner and varied questions made me think of things in a completely different way to my usual thought processes.
I have seen a few counsellors in my life but Stefan went above and beyond into actually helping me improve myself and bringing out my strengths. He listens in depth, doesn’t interrupt, remembers things and has the most amazing positive outlook. It is so refreshing and I found myself looking forward to our sessions instead of dreading them. In the six weeks I have spoken to him, I feel I have changed for the better so much”
Thank you,
Emma H

“Stefan has been my Supervisor for the past two years and I am indebted to him for the wonderful support he has given me during that time. His wisdom, knowledge and skills have been invaluable and I have learnt so much by meeting regularly with him. Stefan has helped me to recognise how vital it is for me to consider the importance of my own well-being as well that of my clients. I consider myself very fortunate to have been introduced to Stefan and working with him has wonderfully enhanced my role as a professional counsellor”

“I was put in touch with Stefan via the BMA counselling services and we worked together over 6 50 minute sessions. Stefan quickly established a good rapport and was always professional and understanding while retaining a sense of humour. He was able to bring lightness or seriousness to the sessions and was able to read what was needed very easily.
We covered a lot of ground in our sessions and each session had a clear focus. I found Stefan to be empathetic and he was able to challenge and encourage me to look at things in a new light or from a different view point. The work we did has given me good insight into the issues I brought to counselling and through our sessions has helped me immensely to move forward with a new perspective and a whole range of tools to help me look after myself and my emotional health better.
I would not hesitate to sincerely recommend Stefan and cannot thank him enough for helping me turn a corner at what was a very difficult time in my life.”
Dr Sarah

  • Qualifications & Experience
    DipCouns, CSCT
    PG Cert, counselling supervision, University of Gloucester
    Advanced Diploma in supervision, NCS
    MNCS Senior Accredited counsellor and approved supervisor
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