Accredited Register

Welcome to the Accredited Register area of The National Counselling Society website.

In this section you will find information on the benefits of belonging to The National Counselling Society’s Accredited Register.

Our Regulated Status

The National Counselling Society's register is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

An Accredited Register is the result of a programme set up by the Department of Health, and administered by the Professional Standards Authority who are an independent body, accountable to Parliament.  The Authority oversees statutory registers such as the General Medical Council and Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said:

"We are very pleased to accredit The National Counselling Society's register of counsellors. Bringing counselling professionals into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality. The programme offers enhanced consumer protection to anyone looking for counselling services, and gives counsellors the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment."

The Accredited Registers programme was set up to provide assurance on the standards of registers, and is the best way to promote quality within the field of Counselling.

Being accredited by the Professional Standards Authority offers enhanced protection to anyone looking for Counselling services which includes:

Members of the public seeking a Qualified Counsellor on an Accredited Register

Qualified Counsellors seeking Accreditation 

Counsellors on our register, also known as registrants, (i.e. our Accredited Members, Senior Accredited Members, and Fellows) will be able to display the accreditation mark, as a sign that they belong to a register which meets the Authority's rigorous standards. Clients of counsellors will, from now on, be encouraged to choose a practitioner who belongs to a register which has been vetted and approved by the Authority.

The Authority is an independent body, which is accountable to Parliament and is responsible for overseeing the UK's nine health and social care regulatory bodies. The programme was set up by the Department of Health to ensure that the public are able to choose safe, ethical and competent professionals for their health and social care needs.

The Department of Health has offered a new endorsement for the programme, saying in an official statement: 

‘Patients need to know that health professionals are properly qualified and safe to practise. But statutory regulation is not always the best way to achieve this and in some cases could create costly red tape without making care safer. [Health and social care practitioners] can now voluntarily apply to join a register which is then independently assessed and approved. We encourage employers and patients to choose practitioners who have done this.’