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Zoe Ball Talks About Overcoming Alcoholism

Zoe Ball, a notorious drinker, has spoken out about her battle with alcoholism, revealing that her problem was so bad she thought she'd need to spend time on a mental health ward.

According to The Daily Mail, the former TV and radio presenter tried to stop drinking a few times. "But I'd always go back," she said. "It's so hard when everyone around you is drinking."

Zoe says she started drinking because when she replaced Chris Evans as the presenter of the Radio 1 breakfast show in 1997, she was labelled a 'ladette'. "I started trying to live up to the label," explained Zoe. "I loved it at first. Hanging out with people who partied every day, woke up at 5pm, had a few shots of vodka and a bag of chips, then went clubbing again."

It wasn't until a New Year's Eve party, which destroyed her home, that she asked for help. "I sat sobbing, knowing if I didn't stop I'd end up in a mental home," she confessed to Grazia Magazine. "I called a therapist I'd been seeing and asked for help."

It was hard at first, especially because she didn't want to go into rehabilitation and because her husband, DJ Normal Cook, was still drinking.

Zoe said: "It's bloody tough, bloody painful, trying to get sober on your own. But he did it. What a man - he's strong, he's changed, he's unbelievable and we are solid."

The couple were trying for a baby but Zoe thinks their drinking dramatically reduced their fertility. When they were both sober, they conceived daughter Nelly. "Me and Norm call Nelly our gift of sobriety," she said.

As Zoe said, it's difficult to stop drinking alone. Often will power alone isn't enough to ignore cravings however, through talking therapies like counselling, an alcoholic can help to understand their cravings, the reasons why they drink, and how to overcome these factors.