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Victims Of Denbighshire Floods To Receive Financial And Emotional Support

Victims of extreme flooding in Denbighshire are to receive counselling and befriending services in addition to financial support from a lottery fund grant.

Hundreds of residents of the north east Wales county were evacuated from their homes following days of heavy rain last November. The adverse conditions caused water to flood over the River Clwyd and into the nearby Glasdir estate in Ruthin.

As reported by mirror.co.uk, homes in St Asaph were also flooded when the River Elwy overflowed, causing more families to leave their homes.

The Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC) appealed for support immediately after the crisis hit and was hugely successful in its attempts. Bbc.co.uk claims victims of the floods have received £140,000 worth of lottery funding, which will mainly go on repairing the houses that weren't insured.

Though while some residents will just be looking to fix the damage to their properties, others will require services like counselling to help them recover from the harrowing events of last November.

Reports suggest part of the support will include counselling courses as well as a special befriending service, which will enable residents to discuss their issues with one another.

"This will provide local residents affected with a range of much-needed services to help them re-settle into their homes and to re-engage with their local community," added DVSC chief executive officer John Watkin.

A three-month inquiry into flooding on the new housing development in Ruthin is currently ongoing, while a detailed and independent investigation has also been ordered.